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11 Must-Know Ways to Cut Video Expense.

How can your organization tighten its belt without strangling all that you’ve built before? Get more from your investments, including your next video project. Here are some important guidelines in any economy. More >


Gerry is a superior marketing individual who can pull together the talents of the customer organization with his own and help gel their ideas into a consumer-acceptable message for business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing campaigns.


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Video applications

Creating a video on a set budget can free you from making decisions that inflate a project’s scope and budget. And now you can count on high-def broadcast quality for all your applications.


That includes everything from corporate branding to orientation, training, major presentations and more. We utilize our experience in having developed and managed hundreds of video projects to let you know where it’s possible to maximize quality while minimizing expense. Only you and your CFO need to know how little they actually did cost. And by spending less on each video, our clients have more options to create multiple videos for a variety of purposes.

For example, enhancing your website with video has become one of the hottest trends in corporate marketing and recruiting. is the perfect vehicle for adding sound, movement and emotion to your site without breaking the bank.

Corporate Branding / Recruiting

There’s a super-heated competition for talent in America today, and more of the nation’s largest corporations are responding by combining the power of movement, sound and emotion in the form of corporate video branding to get their message across.


College students love TV and they live on the Internet. Relying on words and images alone on a computer screen to convey a powerful message just isn’t enough any more to convince potential candidates that your company is worthy of their attention.

Our ability to capture the essence of what makes your organization uniquely attractive to job candidates, clients or the world at large can add immense power and a dynamic new thrust to your recruiting and sales efforts.

In addition, there are hundreds of other ways video can enhance your communications efforts across the board.

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