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11 Must-Know Ways to Cut Video Expense.

How can your organization tighten its belt without strangling all that you’ve built before? Get more from your investments, including your next video project. Here are some important guidelines in any economy. More >


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Selling the Sizzle – 25 Ways to Get Juicier Results From Your Next Video Production

Know what your next video will cost ahead of time.

Video production demands attention to hundreds, if not thousands of variables. How do you stay in charge of the process? How can you optimize it for online viewing and dissemination? How do you help keep management on board so it gets produced in the first place? Find out all that and more when you download this free PDF adapted from an article written by Gerry Hanlon that appeared in Developments magazine © 2009.


Guaranteed price.

When you work with, you’ll know the bottom line before you commit. While professional video production prices can be all over the lot, the latest figures show production costs ranging from $1500 to $2200 per finished-minute. rates are competitive and always establised with you before work is begun. Of course, more expensive options are yours for the asking. But we guarantee no surprises, and a final product that comes in on budget. Beautifully.