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11 Must-Know Ways to Cut Video Expense.

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It has been a pleasure to have Gerry as a partner on (a wide variety of) initiatives. His personal dedication and enthusiasm, his professional delivery and creativity made the almost undoable possible, a success and a pleasure.


Kathleen Z. Proctor

Sr. Market Administrator




The Works:

Live Event Production

Working closely with VPC, Inc., offers your organization the confidence that the concept, design and execution of your most mission-critical live events will come off flawlessly.


We understand how live events are supposed to run, and we utilize crews that have demonstrated that expertise in numerous venues that include the Super Bowl, World Series, Kennedy Center Honors programs and numerous others.


Our goal is to create a synergistic and memorable corporate experience with long lasting impact for your audience and organization, through the precise and comprehensive execution of all stage activities, multimedia programming, and technical operations.


As Simple as C-D-E



We start with a programming meeting to understand your goals, the purpose(s) of the event and the mission of your organization. We then offer concepts and ideas on how live video production and multimedia content can support and enhance the event. We customize the video production and content by reviewing the other components of the event, including audio, lighting, scripting, and stage direction. And we painstakingly create a show-flow of all disciplines for synchronicity and impact.




This information is then prepared into an Event Profile (complete with drawings for a thorough understanding of the venue) which are compiled as a master plan for the project. The design process ensues with the coordination of the technology equipment placement within the event floor plan and with creation of multimedia content.




In order to fully earn your confidence, we take responsibility for the successful execution of all that you’ve agreed on. We plan tightly and comprehensively because our reputation is at stake, and we know that yours is too. Our entire approach is predicated on the idea that our success can only come from yours. In other words, we’d love to have you as a continuing client, and treat you that way at every step in the process.