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11 Must-Know Ways to Cut Video Expense.

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Gerry Hanlon was able to… hit the mark with great tone, focus and flow. I have worked on projects with many consultants. Finding one who ‘gets it’ and can handle just about anything is rare. Gerry is one of those rare finds.



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Enormous value for downsized budgets

Now you can fully own the professionally produced video your organization deserves, at a cost that leaves everyone satisfied. Here’s how we do it, starting with our “no unwelcome surprises” approach.


We’re firm believers in pre-production planning. After we’ve met with you to discuss your goals for the video as well as your broader marketing goals, we’ll submit a proposal that we think answers your needs; develop a script that captures the content, emotion and drama of what you’re trying to get across; and present you with a practical timeline for getting it all done to your satisfaction, on time and on budget.   


After all preliminary details are ironed out with your approval at every step, we utilize hi-definition, broadcast quality videography at your location. We’ll capture all the on-camera interviews you’d like, getting the best out of every person we chat with on camera. Then we combine the results of that shoot with your still images, other royalty-free photography and stock (pre-shot) video. We add professional voiceover talent and music that’s perfectly appropriate. And then we edit it all into a compelling, tasteful, beautifully realized video presentation that tells your story in its best light.


We’re big on efficient scheduling and figuring out potential stumbling blocks during pre-production planning rather than on-set. That’s how we’re able to keep the cost of our videos so reasonable.


Your organization ends up with a video that’s everything you need it to be – and nothing that you don’t – at a cost that fits nearly any organization’s budget. Even better, we’re flexible and responsive to you. We’re looking for clients who want to come back to us again and again, like our current clients do.


The president and primary producer at is Gerry Hanlon, a multi-award winning ad agency creative director, producer and writer who’s spent decades refining his craft and helping clients to get the most out of their budgets.


He’ll be working with you throughout the process to make sure that everything you need is included in your corporate video.


At, we don’t “farm out” our video productions. Unlike other national production companies that simply hire on-location crews, we still think there’s no substitute for being there.


We also make it our practice to make sure that no time is wasted in getting the job done. So you’ll have a complete, ready-to-show video created with maximum efficiency in about eight weeks, and fully customizable so you can share it with the world on your website.


Call to hear it straight from the CEO of the company. Gerry Hanlon is at 443-980-7626. Or contact us to find out more.


Now the video that can work beautifully for your organization can work for your budget too.