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11 Must-Know Ways to Cut Video Expense.

How can your organization tighten its belt without strangling all that you’ve built before? Get more from your investments, including your next video project. Here are some important guidelines in any economy. More >


You promised us early on that the process would be “joyful and hassle free” and you delivered on that. You also delivered a video that I am so proud of and I know we'll get a lot of miles out of it as a marketing tool.


Lyn Phelps

Project Manager

Leadership Baltimore County

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Enormous value for downsized budgets

Now you can fully own the professionally produced video your organization deserves, at a cost that leaves everyone satisfied. Here’s how we do it, starting with our “no unwelcome surprises” approach. More >


Creative resource HQ

Could you use multiple-award-winning copywriting, creative direction, video production, marketing strategy and project management that really "gets it?" More >


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Live event production

Working closely with VPC, Inc., Hanlon Video Partners offers your organization the confidence that the concept, design and execution of your most mission-critical live events will come off flawlessly. More >


Unlimited applications

Creating a video on a set budget can free you from making decisions that inflate a project’s scope and budget. And now you can count on high-def broadcast quality for all your applications. More >


Video resources

Sometimes you don’t need all the services of a video production company. Here’s how we can work together to build a video that maximizes your own in-house resources. More >


About us is the result of years of experience building complete marketing communications programs for ad agencies as well as some of the nation’s largest organizations. More >


Video production FAQs

How long should my video be? What should I wear? How about makeup? What do I need to know as a client? Get answers to your most pressing questions here. More >


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We have produced hassle-free videos for clients in Texas, Florida and elsewhere, with only minor additional costs for transportation and accommodations. See why distance makes little difference these days. More >


Free book – Are You Ready for Launch?

What does it take to launch a new product, service – or you – successfully? Gerry Hanlon’s paperback book offers one pithy piece of advice per page. Great as a thought-starter even for long-time marketing communications pros. More >