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11 Must-Know Ways to Cut Video Expense.

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You promised us early on that the process would be “joyful and hassle free” and you delivered on that. You also delivered a video that I am so proud of and I know we'll get a lot of miles out of it as a marketing tool.


Lyn Phelps

Project Manager

Leadership Baltimore County


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Video Production FAQs

What’s the ideal length for my video? produces videos of all lengths, from a one-minute “reminder” to a full-scale live production. The length depends on the final purpose of the piece. For instance, a six-minute video can help to brand your organization engagingly and comprehensively, without having to skip important details. Two to three-minute video is ideal for web use, capturing your audience in “lean-forward” mode.


Many clients prefer to produce the entire story first for a longer, tradeshow-and-boardroom-friendly version, then edit that down to a web-edition for shortened attention spans.


What do I need to do as a client?

We work with many clients who are creating their first videos. Our goal is to make it as easy and efficient a process for you as possible.


We’ll need your help in scheduling meetings with your stakeholders, making sure the interviewees show up at the appointed times, getting us the source materials we’ll need, and in general, shepherding the work through the various approval processes. We take care of the rest, from script-to-screen.


We’ve shot our own video footage. Can we use that?

We’ll be candid with you about the quality of the footage you may have already shot, and work with you to optimize it if it needs to be part of the final presentation. In general, we’re happy to add anything to the video that helps show off your organization best.


Who owns the video after it’s complete?

Your organization will own all footage and the final product after its completion. However, in cases where we have purchased music rights on your behalf, re-purposing the footage may result in the need for different music or the purchase of additional licensing rights.


What do interviewees need to wear?

Solid colors work best in video. Advances in camera technology in recent years have eliminated the need to avoid red and white, which used to “blow-out” the color balance. But striped patterns can still play havoc with the viewers’ eyes when seen through video.

What about makeup?

Women should wear whatever makeup they generally use. In cases of “shine,” we utilize a minimum amount of cosmetic pancake for our interviewees, both men and women.


How do you use the “green-screen?”

Interviews that utilize a green screen background enable us to input virtually any background desired in editing, from a simple logo to a beach in the Caribbean. The green screen also allows for greater flexibility in lighting.


How can we help you?

Please contact us for answers to any questions or concerns you might have. We’re out to make this a great experience for both of us.